Germany’s Astronauts

Radiation is omnipresent in space and thus affects all astronauts, be they American, European, Chinese, Russian, or from any other part of the world. However, as a German university group, we naturally have a special interest in “our” German astronauts and their European colleagues. Germany has a long history of manned space flight, dating back … Continue reading Germany’s Astronauts

Our Partners for 3D-DOS — kiwi and SpaceStarters

Last year, the Airbus kiwi team announced a challenge for university teams to get the chance to conduct an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS). Researching technologies to precisely characterize the space radiation environment, Thomas and Martin had a few ideas up their sleeves. Through the support of former German astronaut Ulrich Walter, now … Continue reading Our Partners for 3D-DOS — kiwi and SpaceStarters